"Aerial image of the Mengen-Hohentengen airfield" by Carsten Steger, used under CC BY-SA 4.0 / Cropped from original

The test site for autonomous flight (EDTM) will be equipped with different systems for precise navigation and localization based on RTK solutions as well as encrypted communication systems with a large operating range. The air space will be controlled by a compact primary radar for drones and passive sensors like ADS-B and FLARM. The data will be processed in a ground station and will be made available to the user.

The airfield has two small runways for take-off and landing made of asphalt (1500 x 30 m) and grass (700 x 30 m). The site is located in a very rural area so that it will be possible to carry out flights outside of the airfield..

An aircraft hangar with generous facilities is available for users of the test site (end of construction planned for 05/2022). Among other things, the hangar is equipped with office space and an extensive workshop.

Ground infrastructure at the Mengen airfield

Highlight of the site is the existing UAV flight permit in the "Specific" drone category. It covers aircraft movements in VLOS and BVLOS in a multi-kilometer flight area around the airport Mengen.

Courtesy of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH / Not suitable for navigational purposes

The maximum height of flights is limited to 500ft AGL outside or 1000ft AGL within the RMZ Mengen, respectively. Flights may also take place at night, taking into account the specific requirements.

Flight over populated areas and assemblies of people must be avoided with sufficient safety margins.

The permit can be used by the members of the association without the need to separately apply for a permit or perform a SORA (Specific Operational Risk Assessment).

For any activities not covered by the existing permit, the association will assist with the application for permits.