The test site for urban aviation (EDTL) can be continuously operated during the entire year as the hangar can be heated in the winter months. An extensive workshop and ground handling equipment facilitates a smooth processing of flight campaigns on the test site.

Aerial image of the Lahr airport
"Aerial image of the Lahr airport" by Carsten Steger, used under CC BY-SA 4.0 / Cropped from original

The airfield has a large asphalted runway for take-off and landing (3000 x 45 m) and several runways and VTOL spaces for the operation of different kinds of aircraft on the airport grounds. Furthermore, an ILS approach is available at Lahr airfield.

As the airport is close to an urban environment, aircraft movements outside of the airport grounds will be close to buildings and infrastructure and will, therefore, require additional permissions. Another application could be flight tests for the trial of multimodal transport concepts in big cities.